Friday, February 04, 2011

First "friend" party!

M.G. had her birthday party on the 29th of January, just one month after her actual birthday.

She was really excited about a princess party and thought Tangled related things were perfect. We used official Tangled invites, plates, and cups. I used some great websites for decorations, crafts, and favors in keeping with our theme.

I used the graphic from this blog (And what a fabulous party that family had!) to make small triangles for the table and to embellish the place cards. This site had images from the movie that I printed to decorate the table. I also used a lot of the goodies from the Disney page.

We scheduled a 90 minute party. I had read to allow about 10 minutes per activity for this age group and that estimate was right on.

* When the girls arrived they decorated their goodie bags. We glued 3.5"x5" coloring pages to brown paper lunch sacks and also put a fancy monogram sticker on each (leftover from some scrapbook project). At the end of the party they got the bags back with a variety of favors, including a homemade Tangled bookmark.

*Next they each decorated a princess tiara. We had glitter glue, markers, and tiny gems to glue on. Each also got a 2nd monogram sticker so that we could easily tell the tiaras apart.

* We handed out noise makers and had a princess dance party (Hokey pokey, Chicken dance, Bunny hop, Louie Louie, and Wipe Out.)

*Next we had a short break with crackers, pretzels, and apple juice.

* The girls each decorated a foam door hanger with glittery foam flowers and markers.

* Instead of a cake we did decorate-your-own cupcakes. We had two colors of frosting plus M&Ms, colored sugar, and little sprinkles. They had fun with this, but it was a huge mess!

*Finally, M.G. opened her gifts. The first parent arrived just as she opened her last gift, so the timing worked out well.

The girls all seemed to have a really great time. I underestimated how hyper they'd be - as soon as we started an activity at least a couple were asking about what we'd do next. They also kept asking for play time in M.G.'s room or with her toys or they wanted to play downstairs. But, it was really fun and M.G. was so excited about the whole thing. I'm really glad we decided to make time for a party - even if it didn't get to be near her actual birthday.

(I cropped out the guests for their privacy.)

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Erica said...

Sounds like an awesome party... and reminds me of the parties I had when I was her age. It's hard to believe she's already six!