Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I wonder when "older" is!

Yesterday M2 and I were getting ready to pick up M.G. at school. 

M2: When I'm older I'm going to have a motorcycle.  Then when the snow melts I can drive my motorcycle.

Mama: Yes, it isn't safe to ride on the ice.

M2: I know.  When the ice melts we will go fast and wear helmets and drive to Papa's office.  He will be happy and surprised to see us!

  What will we do with M3?

M2: She will have a baby helmet.  She will also need to have a big pad on her to keep her safe.  She has to ride with you on your motorcycle because I will be too young to drive a baby.

Mama: Wait, where will you be?  Aren't you both riding with me?

M2:  No, I will have my own motorcycle, but I will ride close to you so I am safe.

Mama: hmmm....

M2:  And our motorcycles will have wings and fly too.

Mama:  Great!

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