Monday, February 07, 2011

M3: 8 months!

I have to keep double checking, but yes, M3 is now 8 months old.  Kind of an in between baby age.  She's still working on all those baby milestones.  She's not quite crawling, but can really move fast with her dragging slide move.  She's eating foods, but still pureed mush.  I think her next teeth are bothering her, but we don't see them yet.
She enjoys eating and we've tried sweet potato, peas, banana, rice cereal, butternut squash, green beans, avocado, yogurt, carrots, and applesauce.

She loves music and tends to eat better if I put on some tunes for us to groove along with.  She sings and dances to the best of her baby ability, grabbing the sides of her high chair, swaying, and squawking.

(Pardon the messy face - we were listening to our Jazz for Kids CD during snack time!)

While she still doesn't crawl on her hands and knees, she certainly can cover ground.  Diaper changes have become more challenging as she twists away from me and tries to sit up on her own.  She's not quite there yet, but I think she'll figure it out soon.

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Lucky Cracker said...

How did she grow up so fast???