Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow days!

M.G. had three snow days this week! It's another first for her. She now knows the excitement of waiting for her school to appear in the scroll of closings. The district has an automated call system, so we already knew what we'd see... but she had fun shouting when she read "closed!"

Happily, I didn't have anything really planned for this week. Her birthday party was on Saturday and that was our last big event for a while. Monday we had a super-fun activity day, Tuesday the kids did a lot of playing on their own, and today they needed some help finding things to do but then really had fun together.

Monday we pulled out all the stops. M.G. had a list of all she wanted to do - we played with clay (and play-doh for M2), read, played cards, watched TV, baked cookies, painted, and more. M2 had never used water colors before.

At first he really wanted to know when he'd get to pour his water over everything. So I was pleasantly surprised at how calm he was with the paints once he understood the goal.

Monday evening we got the call that Tuesday would be a late start and in the morning we were surprised to get the whole day off. The kids pulled out all of their camping supplies. (M.G. is on the phone here while camping and carrying her monkey in a carrier.)
We still had time to play cards, read, and bake scones together, but most of the day M.G. and M2 kept themselves entertained.

Today's day off was kind of a surprise. This morning both M.G. and M2 were squirrely and it looked like we were going to have a long day. But, before long they got into coloring. Then they helped me get the laundry started and the day was back on track. They did a little playing on their own here and there and needed some ideas as well. We had a mid-afternoon dance party when they looked like cabin fever had set in.

I was surprised at how well the kids got along. There was very little fighting, tantrums, or trouble making. While they kept me on my toes, the days also seemed to fly by. Both M.G. and M2 tried to include M3 in their play or they'd try to cheer her up if she was unhappy in her chair. I'm glad I didn't have a whole lot going on and was able to just go with the flow.
Tomorrow M.G. will get to go back to school. She's excited and I'm happy the weather will be nice enough to take M2 and M3 out of the house. I really enjoyed the last three days, but they wore me out at the same time!

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