Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two down!

M.G. has lost two teeth now!  As I've mentioned before, she's had some anxiety about her teeth falling out for a few years.  She'd turn off the TV if they started talking about teeth falling out and she'd bring it up at random times to ask questions.  She's been excited to see her teeth moving, but it was clear she wasn't trying to wiggle them very much and she didn't really want the falling out to happen.

Papa and I gave her a few wiggles here and there, since we knew the dentist visit was coming.  Papa gave each tooth an extra strong toothbrushing when they each looked really loose and in both cases the tooth fell out the next day.  

And both times she has literally lost the tooth.  Suddenly she'll realize the tooth is gone and nowhere to be found.  We've had to leave two notes for the tooth fairy explaining the situation!  So she still hasn't had to experience the moment where the tooth is actually coming out. 

Her two middle bottom adult teeth are still partially behind the 2nd baby incisors, so we're still bringing her to the dentist next week.  But hopefully he'll tell us we can just wait and see for a few more months.

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