Thursday, March 17, 2011

M3 loves to stand!
Favorite M2 quotes for today:

At lunch, M2: "I really like those earrings Mama.  They really make your ear bottoms look nice."

Later when we were mixing up chocolate chip cookie dough: "Chocolate?  I like chocolate so, so much!"  (With a little Joe dance.)

Today M.G. had a St. Patrick's Day party at school.  We made a Leprechaun trap for her to bring in and another for M2 here at home.  At the time I told her Leprechauns were imaginary (because I didn't realize Leprechauns were a thing like Santa and the Easter Bunny now.)  After all of the talk at school this week she was totally explaining to me this afternoon how real they must be.

We scheduled an appointment for M.G. to have two baby teeth pulled a week from Friday.  Minor in the grand scheme of things, but we'll see how it goes.

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