Sunday, March 27, 2011

M.G.'s busy weekend

Friday, after school, M.G. had her appointment with the dentist to have two of her baby teeth pulled.  She didn't talk about it much at all in the days beforehand, but I know she is nervous about losing teeth.  I picked her up from school, then we picked up Papa, then we dropped Papa and the younger kids off at home.

As we pulled into our garage she started to get scared and started crying.  Papa and I each tried to give her a little pep talk and we picked out a tiny dinosaur from her room to put in her pocket in case she needed help remembering to be brave.  On the way to the dentist she and I tried to come up with a good incentive for walking right in and hopping in the char.  We decided that she could stay late and watch the Jungle Book if she could just stay calm so that the dentist could get started.

She marched right in and, while her body language showed her fear, she was able to answer the receptionist's greeting and chat a bit with the hygienist.  They asked me to wait in the waiting room and for a split second M.G. looked panicked.  But the hygienist did a great job chit-chatting M.G. right back into the chair.  The receptionist heard the dentist ask if M.G. had any questions and then heard, "Will it hurt?"  The dentist said "No." and 10 min. later she was done.

She was so happy and proud when she came out with her teeth in a little case.  They had given her gas to stay calm and also numbed her.  She told us that she was surprised at how easy it was!  I'm so totally impressed by how brave she was!  The dentist called later in the evening to check in on her and told me that she did a really great job and that it couldn't have gone smoother.

M.G. and M2 did stay up to watch Jungle Book and they split a strawberry shake from DQ while they watched.  We gave her one dose of pain killer, but she reported that everything felt fine after that.

Saturday she woke up feeling fine and found two dollar coins left by the tooth fairy.  She has lots of theories on where the tooth fairy gets the money and what she does with the teeth.

Saturday was also the school festival at M.G.'s school.  It's a huge fundraiser that takes over the school building with carnival games in every room and other activities.  The kids were very excited to go as soon as we could.  Here the girls are trying to fill the time while M2 and Papa went grocery shopping on Saturday morning.
The kids had fun playing games and winning prizes.  I went back to volunteer for my shift and this is what I found when I got home...

Then Papa spent some time moving car seats around so that M.G. could start using her new booster chair!  M2's car seat has expired and we decided to move him into M.G.'s chair and transition her to a booster.  Another really exciting event for both of them.  Of course I'm a little nervous, but I suppose the time has come.

Later that day:

And then she came out of her room dressed for church this morning and looked so much older!  (I should have kept track of how many hours of magazine reading she did this weekend - she was on a kick I guess.)
After church she and I both got much needed haircuts.  This was the second time we've gotten cuts at the same time and I really enjoy that she is old enough to not need my supervision during the cut.  She was finished before me again and did a great job reading (and eating a sucker) while she waited.


Jen said...

Doesn't your heart just swell with pride when they are so brave like that? MG is really looking grown up in those pictures.

Jo said...

Man, M1 really is looking older too. What a brave girl. And I'm so proud of her holding her own after reading your accounts here and on the board. I wish I had had that self-assurance as a child. You should be so very proud of what an awesome little girl she is.