Friday, March 18, 2011

Milestone: Finding the DVD player.

One of the babybook milestones I always miss is "finding her feet."  I understand the concept - one day the baby suddenly realizes she can grab her feet and play with them.  I just tend to notice much after the fact that the baby's toes are always in the baby's mouth.

A milestone that I never miss is "baby finds the DVD player."  One day the baby is playing happily in the living room with baby toys.  Then, out of the blue, it is like they suddenly see the entertainment center and try pulling up on it.  From then on it lures them to push buttons all the time.  M3 was actually playing happily with toys by my feet when I started typing, but sprinted over to push buttons right now.

I took this photo of M3 last week (with no posing or prompting)...
M3, 9 months

M2, 7 months

M.G., 7 months

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