Thursday, March 10, 2011

This week going on here...

Little things going on right now...

  • M.G. has tomorrow off - her 2nd of 3 Fridays in a row.  She's excited - she really likes school, but already appreciates the 4 day week. 
  • It has been Papa's Spring Break this week.  Instead of taking a whole day or two off he has been taking an hour here or there.  He walked M.G. home from school a couple days, which she found so neat, and picked her up with the car on other days.  He had a chance to take the big kids out to play a few times.  I had the chance to go in and eat lunch with M.G. while he stayed home with the younger two.  Plus, our evenings have been more relaxed without as many daytime meetings and classes to prepare for.  I think we might even have waffles tomorrow, on a weekday!  But, having a snowy, cold Spring Break has inspired me to start thinking of our summer travel schedule!
  • Today, while I was making lunch, M2 got the tie from his robe and used it to go fishing.  He was very excited about how quickly he caught a super big (imaginary) fish and wanted to put it on our lunch plates.  I asked him to clean it and cook it in the play kitchen while I put together the side dishes.  He said, "Oh, they cook it first and then put it in the lake."  How convenient! 
  • M3 is having some sort of a knowledge boom - today she copied me when I gave her kisses from across the room.  And after M.G. played a few rousing rounds of peek-a-boo she was saying, "Buh" over and over.  She's putting a lot of effort into crawling and standing too. 
  • I ate lunch with M.G. at school yesterday.  It was really a lot of fun to peek into her school world.  It was a wild scene and I had little bits of knowledge flying at me from kindergartners on all sides.  I was kind of surprised at how glad she was to see me and it is cute to see how excited the kids are to have a visitor.
  • It looks like M2 and I share a similar sense of humor.  Every night he finds it very funny when we turn out his light and I pretend I find a really soft pillow (his tummy) to rest on.  He shouts, "I'm not a pillow, I am Joe!"  Then I say, "WHAT?"  Then we reverse the rolls.  He says, "WHAT?" in the same way every  night and it cracks me up.  He has been helping to dry the dishes some nights (Because "Isn't it really nice to have a helper?") and yesterday we were giggling and saying "which whisk" over and over.
  • One of M.G.'s school library books this week is about a duck who keeps trying to put a turnip into the birthday cake for a cow.  She came home with it and couldn't wait to show M2.  She's been reading it to him all week and they laugh and laugh.  (The rest of the time she's been building a private, quiet spot in her room and won't let him near it... so it's been an up and down week for the two of them.)
  • M3 was giving me sweet kisses on the cheek this afternoon and then suddenly stuck her finger in my eye and let out a wild yell.  When I turned to look at her she bit my nose.
  • And the most exciting bullet point - M3 woke up and made some noise when I started this post and now is quiet again all on  her own!!  That is a rare, rare event.

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