Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay for Spring!

 The weather was really great this weekend.  It was warmer (almost 50 degrees on Saturday) and it really felt like Spring!  On Thursday we walked to pick M.G. up from school for the first time in 2011.  I wore M3 in the Ergo carrier and M2 had so much fun in the many, many puddles.  I am so happy the kids are ok with walking - M2 marched right along for the 20 min. walk there and the 20 min. walk home!

M.G.'s school party on Thursday really sounded exciting.  I know it wore her out!  Tried out a great tip today - you can very easily remove temporary tattoos using a little olive oil!  Worked like a charm.

M.G. didn't have school on Friday.  It was our final 3 day weekend for a while.  She's been wanting me to keep M2 out of her hair much more in the last week or so, which made the extra day off last week a little less fun for him.  He had been waiting to play with her and instead I spent a lot of time trying to cheer him up and keep him busy.

This Friday we were excited to have Grandma and Grandpa B visiting!  We had fun relaxing and playing at home and it was great that the weather was nice enough for a walk on Saturday. 

Here is M2 giving M3 a horsey ride.  They were both giggling.  M3 isn't really talking yet, but we all think she is trying.  She seems to put together consonant sounds that are just convincing enough... "guh puh", "guh muh?"

 M3 had her 9 month well baby visit last week.  She weighs 20 lbs, 6 oz (80%) and 29.25 inches (95%). (She was 19 lbs and 28.25 inches at 6 months.) She's looking healthy and again was giggling and playing with the doctor and nurse.  She didn't have any vaccinations because of her cold.  

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