Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doctors Dolittle

Yesterday M2 was pretending that he and M3 were horses wandering.  I was also wandering around putting things away.  Suddenly he ran into the room I was leaving and said, "Catie just said, 'Neigh,' I think.  Catie's first word was a horse sound!"

I love seeing how excited they get for each other.  He ran back to her, patted her back, and said, "Good job, Catie!  Good job, Horsey!" 
On an after supper walk last night a little dog barked and barked as we walked by his yard.  M.G. said, "He is telling us he wants to play with us.  If we had a dog I'd be able to understand it, I'd..."

Then I interrupted, because she kept getting distracted by things, to finish her thought. "You'd tell us what it wanted?"

M.G.:  "Yes, I would just need to hear it..... and know the time of day... and the weather."

Then she ran ahead to be with M2.

(My guess is that the time of day would help her know if it were hungry or sleepy.  Not sure about the weather...)

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