Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest blog post: Kindergarten art

Instead of a blog post I just scanned in a bunch of M.G.'s recent school art.

One night the kids were being super wild at supper and I reminded them that they needed to have good table manners if they wanted to be able to stay at the table until dessert.  There was some wild dancing and one of them knocked over a full glass of milk.  I asked told M.G. and M2 to go to the living room so that I could clean up the mess and much crying followed.  I believe, in my frustration that instead of apologizing they were crying about pie, I shouted, "Now there will be no pie for anyone!"  In the end Papa was able to mediate a solution where they apologized, helped clean up, and we had small servings of pie.

Never the less, this is what M.G. brought home in her bag the next day... (it says, "No more coklit (chocolate) pie.")  That is how I look when I am angry.

M.G.'s teacher has mentioned to us that she is trying to cultivate M.G.'s creative writing skills.  She asks M.G. to write a story, then Mrs. B types it up and gives it back to M.G. for illustrations.  This is the first book she brought home:

(The 2nd princess here is saying, "I like you.")

Finally, here is an awesome family portrait she drew.  (She said including a pet was part of the assignment.)  M2 saw it and said, "That looks like us because they are smiling."  I totally agree!)

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David said...

That is all fantastic!