Wednesday, April 06, 2011

M3: 10 months!

 M3 is 10 months old now!  She's definitely starting to turn that corner from baby to toddler, even though she hasn't started toddling yet.  She watches her brother and sister carefully and really has a mind of her own.

When we set her down now she often starts crawling away at top speed.  She likes to crawl into the kitchen, the bathroom, and M.G.'s room.  If she gets down to M.G.'s room she heads right for a baby doll and starts slapping it on the head.  I don't know, she's kind of a rough girl.

 She crawls really well now and is starting to pull up more often.  She'll take a step or two just to be more comfortable next to whatever she is holding.  Sometimes she pulls up and holds my shoulder for balance and then dances back and forth a little, laughing in my face.  She's really excited to crawl away from me while I try to change her diaper too and will have such a grin when she turns to make sure I'm trying to catch her.

She continues to try new foods and her appetite has increased in the last week or two.  I keep thinking I see her teeth starting to poke through, but she still only has the two.  She makes lots of sounds and we have babble conversations together.

She's really a handful these days - always on the move, still doing a lot of scratching and pinching.  But she's also a sweetheart and I love making her giggle and smile.

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Jo said...

Oh, she looks so much older in the top first picture. I think it looks like she's losing some of the cheeks maye, but whatever it is, she's definitely looking less baby! How is she 10 months? Would love to see her in person :)