Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hopefully we've turned the corner and can embrace warming weather now.  (Last week we had a few tiny snow flurries!)

Yesterday the kids and I went downtown to take care of some errands after school.  Since the sun was shining I parked the car and we walked from place to place.  It was refreshing to be able to be out without coats and just one of those afternoons where we had fun together.  (Sometimes that after school time can be kind of rough for all of us.)

As we walked the blocks from where we parked to the bank we heard the museum's two outdoor animatronic dinosaurs roaring.  The dinos get turned off for the winter and so we were excited enough to stop and cheer when we heard them. 

We made a stop at the library and I think the older kids are finally at a point where they can read or quietly play in the kids' area for a while.  I was able to browse for some books I think they'll enjoy without worrying about running or shouting.  (At least until M3 is free from the carrier.) 

We finished up at the library just in time to make a quick stop on campus to see Papa riding a giant teeter totter. (26 feet long!  10 feet at the highest point!)  The engineering honor society built it and was offering rides as a fundraiser.  Earlier in the month they had let the students vote on which 4 professors would have to try it out and Papa won a spot.  The kids were very excited to see Papa up in the air and each wanted to try.

M.G. and M2 each took a turn and then M3 started pointing and reaching toward the teeter totter.  She practically jumped into Papa's arms when I brought her over and she giggled as she went up and down a couple times.

It was a great taste of Spring.  (Let's hope it sticks around this time!)

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