Friday, April 29, 2011

M3's first Easter

This isn't a photo from our weekend, but I really like it...

We traveled to Minnesota for Easter weekend.  The kids had a lot of fun with Grandma M, Grandpa M and Grandpa B.  They asked many times when Grandma B would return from California.

While in MN we learned that M3 can climb stairs!

We have such early birds, but by both Christmas and Easter mornings there is usually at least one that wants to sleep past 6.  This year it was M2 and M3, who looks a little cranky in this photo...

I'm really glad we don't send Easter photos out like those in Christmas cards...

M3 fell asleep in church after really enjoying the music.

But she was wide awake at snack time.  What a little lady!  She skinned her nose trying to crawl over something at the museum a few days earlier and she tends to make a lot of monster noises lately.

We went to two family celebrations and the kids enjoyed an egg hunt at each.  They also enjoyed a lot of candy and playing with cousins.

M3 held on to her little baby pea doll all day.  I'm not sure what she was doing with that butter knife, but she was sure having fun!

M3 was worn out by all of the family fun!

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