Saturday, April 02, 2011

Where has the week gone?


Random happenings:
M2 has started a parent/child gymnastics class and really enjoys it.  I was nervous that he'd act too shy with the instructor to want to participate, but he is excited to try all of the activities.  It's only a few times in each class that the instructor helps each kid and most of the helping is done by the parents.  I love his enthusiasm.  If the teacher asks them to run then he runs the fastest!

He's also taking another month of Friday classes at the Childrens' museum.  This month is focused on mixtures.  Today they made goop to play with and dough that they shaped and will paint next time.  Fun!

So big!
Is it time for Spring yet?  Thursday brought rain, then snow, then rain again.
He still occasionally says "Where did the day go?"  His most recent little thing is to add the word "indeed" into sentences. 

Me: Do you like that type of crackers?
M2: Indeed I do!

Me: Have you put your shoes on yet?
M2: Indeed I have!

Earlier in the week M2 had a rough time waking up from his nap.  He was sad and grumpy that I had turned on fun dancing music.  M3 crawled over to him, crawled up him, and then started doing her little moving back and forth dance.  It was hilarious!
"I'll help you dance!"

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Jo said...

So glad the class is going well for M2 and he's happily participating. Sometimes it's those little things that can make a mama so happy, just to see your child participating and enjoying it.