Sunday, May 29, 2011

First week of summer vacation!

 Summer vacation is off to a great start here!  We now have a first grader and here she was on her last day of Kindergarten.
Her teacher had so many nice things to say about her progress and personality.  We were all very happy with how the year went.

It took us a few days to get used to a new schedule and what felt like a lot more time in the day.  We've been spending a lot of time outside and went to the museum twice on what turned out to be the two rainy days. 

M3 is doing really well with her little walker now and trying to talk more and more.  Recently she's started trying to quack when she sees a toy duck.

We gave M2 a balance bike for his birthday.  I really wasn't convinced that it looked like much fun, but he has it figured out now!  He can coast along at top speeds and we're thinking he'll be ready soon for us to attached the pedals that will turn it into a big guy bike.

He has been having a great time with M.G. around more.  They have more time to get on each others nerves, which does happen daily, but they also have more time to find ways to play together and individually.

Of course there have been many small moments I want to blog about as we have been spending so much time having fun.  But the 3 of them really keep me hopping.  I noticed by the end of the week they were already starting to spend more time playing independently and less time needing me to offer ideas.  So there is hope that I'll have time to get some work and other things done this summer.  (Although we have a lot of travel planned this summer so "routine" will be something we're always getting back to.)

Here is a short video of M3 trying to keep up with the big kids.
And here is M2 speeding down the driveway on his bike.

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David said...

Congratulations to Rebecca! Looks like summer is going great so far. Catie and I can have fun using our walkers side by side! Can't wait to see you all.