Friday, May 06, 2011

I just have a few random photos and updates today...

* The kids have been enjoying the nice weather.  M2 has gotten much better at riding his balance bike...
and M.G. scooters around and around our cul-de-sac.

* The Easter bunny brought the kids each a big chocolate bunny and after guessing at the size they wanted to measure one before we ate it.  M.G. has always been pretty generous, but it is easy to forget that when you hear lots of silly squabbles over toys. ("I can't share the pretend pizza because you want pretend mushrooms and I don't.")  When we opened her bunny the first thing she said was that it was big enough for all of us to have some.  Papa and I suggested she just save some for another day, but she thought it would be better to share it with all of us.   

 * M.G. has a way of bringing up topics that she thinks are controversial.  A tone in her voice that makes it clear she is wondering where we will stand on the issue.  Last night she, in her bomb dropping mode, said, "A lot of my classmates are excited about the Boys & Girls Club this summer."  Then she sat back and waited to see what we'd do with that.

We asked her what she heard about it and what they were excited about.  At first she didn't want to show her hand - she said, "What do you know about it?"  So, we explained that it was a place for kids to go during the summer if both parents worked.  She, still trying, I think, to turn this into a really useful thing she discovered for us, said, "So many kids are excited about it." 

We had to get at her point.  Papa explained that it was basically day care.  At that point, she dropped her informative stance and said, "I think it really sounds like fun."

She's wanted to go to day care for years.  I don't think she knows what boarding school is, but I bet she'd be interested.  I'll have to look and see if the B&G club here has day camps.

* Every time we are at the grocery store the kids want to stop by the lobster tank.  Last week, during supper, M.G. wondered if we'd ever buy a lobster to try.  I commented on not really wanting to eat a lobster from a South Dakota grocery store and Papa talked about the time he did try lobster.  We chatted about when we might have a chance to try it.  M2 suddenly interrupted, "The lobsters at HyVee are for pets, not to eat."

We tried to gently tell him that no, those are for food, they are at the grocery store.  What a sad misunderstanding!  

A few days later the kids and I were on our own for supper.  We had picked up some fish sticks (because I was just not in the mood to be the only person not being picky about what I served.)  During supper M2 informed us, "They call these fish sticks because fish also love to eat them."

M.G. and I actually exchanged a look, I love that she is old enough to do that, and I broke the news to M2.  Then M.G. jumped in with the idea that sharks would eat fish sticks and we all pretended to be whale sharks (because M.G. told us whale sharks don't eat people.)

*M3 is 11 months today, so we'll take some photos and I'll get them posted some time soon.  Here she is last week with that grin telling me that she's pretty proud of the mischief she thinks she's getting in to.

*Today is the day M2 has his parent/child class at the museum.  Today is also the day that M.G.'s class is visiting the museum and Papa is a chaperon for half the day!

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