Tuesday, May 10, 2011

M3: 11 Months!

M3 is now 11 months old.  So strange to think that she's nearly a year.  All weekend I was thinking about how we were all waiting for her arrival a year ago and now her tiny baby days are over!

She is expressive and is trying to talk to us.  Like M2, she's good with the "bah" sound.  She says, "Bah bah," while waving when anyone leaves and she says, "bah bah," if we roll a ball to her.  She also says "bah bah" when trying to get Rebecca's attention.  It's a useful sound!   I think she can say Mama and once we heard her make a "Pa Pa" sound. She'll also make a deep "jah" sound sometimes for Joe. She likes to try to communicate with the people around her.  Last week a friend was pointing at the kangaroo on M3's shoe.  We saw the same friend a week later and M3 caught her attention and then started pointing at her shoe!

It was kind of a cranky month for her and we soon realized that her new teeth were to blame!  She went from 2 teeth to 6 teeth, with 2 more nearly here.  She had been eating 3 big meals a day with snacks, but the painful gums and a rough cold really cut back her appetite.  We're trying to give her lots of finger foods and she's slowly gaining interest in solids again.

She has become a master crawler and easily pulls up to standing now.  She'll let go and balance for just the tiniest moment before grabbing on again. She's creeping along the furniture and can push the walker up the driveway.  (The walker moves too fast on flat ground!) 

She really likes watching the big kids and trying to play with them. She's still especially fond of music and playing with instruments.  She also likes toys she can chew on and looking at books.  It's been a lot of fun to watch how she plays with things.  When we play outside she points at the trees and clouds.  She loves the strong wind.  I think she'll have fun this summer.

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