Tuesday, June 21, 2011

M2's vacation

M2 had a few things he really was looking forward to on this vacation - he wanted to ride a train, see the Statue of Liberty, swim, and eat the fun snacks we packed.  He had no memory of living in New York and was kind of too young to appreciate some of the sights, which we learned quickly.

 Here he is at Niagara Falls.  The Falls are directly behind him in this photo and he's digging in the dirt.  He took every opportunity to dig in the dirt no matter where we were.

 He did enjoy the Niagara Falls boat tour - the spray of water and adventure of riding the boat was very exciting!

 He had a wonderful time with our New York friends and was really comfortable around them, not shy at all.  He keeps asking when we'll go back.  I wish we would have taken a few more photos with our friends there.

We took some time driving around Troy - the city we lived in when M2 was born.  He was excited to see the apartment building we lived in.  One of the buildings in the complex was torn down due to damage and he thought that was really neat to see.  We saw a lot of emergency vehicles driving around and that also made an impact.

We made a stop at our favorite ice cream place in Troy and M2 was a little disappointed that there wasn't a real snowman.

We rode the carousel at the NY State Museum and M2 was very excited to be on one of the horses.  He knew we'd see a carousel that morning and asked over and over when we'd get there.  Then after the ride he started crying because he had been so excited and it was over so soon.  He agreed that watching the next group ride would be enough to cheer him up, but the man running the ride waved us over for one more ride!

Playing at the beach in Newport, RI was a big highlight for M2. 

He and M.G. were also shown how to find all sorts of creatures hiding on the docks.  He's showing us a snail here...

We walked along the boardwalk and he thought climbing this anchor was awesome!

The next day was our trip to New York City.  I can't express how much M2 was looking forward to this day.  He knew we'd take a train in to the city.  We also told him we planned to ride a boat, which he now knew he'd like.  There was also the Statue of Liberty to look forward to.  I'm really not sure why he is so interested in the Statue of Liberty.  He's seen the Liberty Tax guys out in front of their store at tax time and he's seen pictures and photos in a variety of places.  Almost every day, with every stop, he asked if it was time to see the Statue of Liberty.  We'd be getting out at a rest stop to use the bathrooms and M2 would say, "Now we see the Statue of Liberty?"

The train did not disappoint!

Here he is on the Staten Island Ferry, moments from seeing the Statue of Liberty!
New York seemed a little overwhelming for M2.  The subway rides were loud and hot, there were a lot of people everywhere, and so it is difficult to know how much he took in.  He did enjoy seeing a digger as we walked around!  And he liked Central Park.

M2 did really well in the car for most of the trip.  He was impressed by the tunnels of Pennsylvania...

but, then he was ready to be finished.   I asked, "What do you think about spending another day in the car?"

We enjoyed introducing M2 to Madison, WI.  Here he is looking out of the Noodles on State Street.  He enjoyed vehicle watching.
Madison had a lot of construction going on.  M2 would have spent hours watching.  I loved how he was kind of surprised we thought we had anything better to do.

Papa and I really wanted to wander around the engineering campus a bit before we left town.  It was clear that we had taken too many vacation photos when M2 calls out from behind me, "Quick, take a picture of me with this fire hydrant!"

But, even on the last night M2 was ready to add some fun when he could - hotel dance party!


David said...

There are plenty of beaches in California...;) I love seeing Joe so happy!

Laura said...

Hey! Could you email me at joshnlaura@gmail.com ? I have a question about the carseat line-up you used for your kids. Thanks!

Super cute vaca pics!