Wednesday, June 22, 2011

M3: 12 months and first big vacation!

M3 had her birthday while we were on vacation.  She's not a baby anymore, as M.G. likes to remind me when I slip up.  She can be such a content baby toddler and I think she is equal parts sweetheart and wild animal.

M3 really likes giving kisses!  Here she is kissing the little animal on a birthday card she was given.

She is curious about everything around her and now she tells us, with lots of noise and pointing, about what she sees.  She was excited to watch the passing traffic while the rest of us enjoyed ice cream at Oink's Dutch Treat in Michigan.

She celebrated her birthday at Niagara Falls.  How will we top that?  We were all excited to ride on the Maid of the Mist.  It wasn't until we were on the boat that I started to worry that M3 would be scared, cry the whole time, and ruin the trip for those around us.

She hated the blue plastic poncho and cried miserably when we put it on her.  She was quickly distracted by the drops of water sliding down the metal behind us, but occasionally would remember the poncho and cry.  When we entered the spray from the waterfalls she started laughing and reaching for more water!  She loved the motion of the boat, too!

We tried to take time when possible to give M3 a little freedom.  We had a quick snack break here before getting back into the car after our afternoon visiting Niagara Falls.

That evening we gathered supplies at a grocery store and had a picnic supper in the car.  We found small cupcakes to celebrate M3's day!

I think M3 is starting to look much less like a baby.  She has 8 teeth now and her molars are starting to bug her.  She's getting quite a bit more coordinated and opinionated!  She enjoyed playing with our Albany friends as well and didn't have any anxiety about new people.  She wanted to snuggle or joke around with the adults and was happy to crawl around after the kids.

We didn't realize it until I started working on this post, but this was M3's first voyage outside of South Dakota and Minnesota.  She's a natural traveler.  She dipped her toes in her first ocean in Rhode Island!

M3 spent a lot of time in the Ergo on this trip.  For as rambunctious as she can be, she really did well snuggled close.  It also gave me a chance to talk to her and give her some attention after she was in her car seat for hours.  

Now M3 is cleared to eat most foods.  We made sure to share some of our treats with her along the way.  We can now record her "first slice of NYC pizza!"

For as peaceful as M3 is around most people, she is so wild at heart.  She loves to make noise!  On the train from NYC to Tarrytown she was dancing and making lots of monster noises.
Here she is on Madison's terrace! 

I had wondered if we'd made a mistake trying to take this long trip with a 12 month old.  She did cry a bit at times in the car, but overall was content.  She was so happy whenever she did have some time to explore.

M3's walking seems to have taken off now that we are home.  I think she's made it 8 to 10 steps without holding on to anything and she's very excited every time she makes it a few steps.

M3 really thinks about what is going on around her and tries to figure little things out.  She spent some time for a few days in a row trying to get the little Connect 4 disks to slide in to place.  Finally she got it and was so happy for herself.  M.G. and I were able to play a few games together and M3 took a turn each round to put in a disk as well.

M3 had her 12 month check-up this morning and is strong and healthy.  She's now 20 lbs, 10 oz. (50%) and 30 inches long (80%).  She hasn't grown much since her 9 month visit, but that is to be expected with all of the moving around and her insistence to try feeding herself more often.

Today she had a HepB and MMR vaccination. 

I have trouble believing it has been a whole year since she was born!  I think of all she'll learn in the next year and look forward to that adventure with her.

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