Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid-July update

Kindergarten and a messy winter kept us close to home and we are making up for it now!  We've been on the road to MN for a 10 day visit and we spent 2 nights on the western side of South Dakota.  In between we get used to life at home, catch up, and find a lot to do around here.

I realized this morning I never posted photos from our MN trip, so they will be here, mixed in with a quick update.

M.G. and M2 are both taking swimming lessons now - M2's class is parent/child and he really enjoys it.  M.G. also looks forward to each lesson.  She's taking park&rec tennis for a few weeks as well.  M2 and M3 play on a playground while M.G. is at her lessons.  M3 is climbing on the baby equipment and M2 is climbing high in the air on some of the bigger kid stuff.

M2 had his first dentist appointment yesterday.  He was a champ!  He was a little nervous, but didn't need extra prodding or his hand held.  M.G. has a referral to an orthodontist because her little baby teeth are so close together and they expect trouble with crowding.  M3 is still working on her molars.

Every time we return home from a trip our garden plants have jumped in size!  It's a satisfying way to watch plants grow.  Papa harvested some great looking beets and turnips last night (and we had a meal of turnips last week as well.)  The cold start to summer pushed back everything, but veggies are in sight now.

It's fun to see the elaborate situations M.G.and M2 set up to play together.  Lots of camping and space themed adventures.  They do really well together most of the time, but we have some squabbling too.  M3 is walking really well now and wanders around the house looking for things to chew on.  Our new gate at the top of the stairs has really been nice now that she can move so fast!

 We still are considering another road trip this summer... we'll see if it pans out.  We'll have some grandparent visits as well and the pool calls our name quite a bit when we are home, too.  I've been printing and building the calendar of the month this year and July's is just perfect for us this summer. 

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