Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike rider!

M.G. wanted to take the training wheels off her bike last fall.  She tried to ride a few times, but did not want to risk getting hurt if she crashed and quickly decided it wasn't for her.  For Christmas she really wanted a scooter and has ridden it so much this summer that I don't think she missed her bike much at all.

Over the summer we took the pedals off of the bike so that she could try using it as a balance bike, like M2's.  She never really took to it and still was afraid of really going.

 At some point we decided that bike riding was a skill she needed to have.  We waited until we had a good two weeks at home here and I let her know we'd be riding bike after supper each night until she got it.  She was not happy at all!  But, we decided to hold strong and give it a shot.  (We also mentioned we'd go out for ice cream once she figured it out.)

She wiped her eyes dry, hopped on her bike, pushed off, and started pedaling!  She didn't make it too far, but she caught on really quickly with some help from Papa.  After just a few minutes she was biking up and down the sidewalk.  She was quite proud of herself! 

I'm glad it worked out, but mainly am happy about how excited she is to keep riding her bike - I hoped she'd see how much fun it can be, and she did!

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David said...

YAY!!!!! Go Rebecca!!