Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of summer vacation

School starts for M.G. on Monday!  She's excited and so are we, but I still haven't really thought about getting back in to that school day routine.  M2, M3, and I will miss seeing M.G. during the day and we'll miss the routine we've fallen in to this summer.

The last two weeks we stayed close to home and I tried to really set everything else aside and give the kids extra attention.  We've had a busy summer, so this was great time to really soak up vacation.  Our days went something like this:

- Papa got up with M2 and started getting ready for work while getting the kids started on breakfast.
- I got up a little later and Papa went for a run.
- The kids watched a PBS show or two.
- Then we would go for a fairly long walk, with the kids riding bikes or scooters and M3 in the stroller.
- Next up was snack time and usually some indoor playing before lunch while I did some cleaning or organizing.
- Lunch!
- The younger two napped while I did a little work and M.G. had a short amount of quiet time in her room.  She usually watched a show and played a little on the computer too.  On most days she and I also had time to read together or play a card game or two.  I really enjoyed some one-on-one time with her before school started again.
- Once everyone was awake we had afternoon snack and headed back outside for more play time until Papa got home.

I think we made good use of the end of vacation and now we're trying to gear up for school to start.  It will be strange not to have M.G. around.  The summer went very fast!  But, we're all excited for the new year.

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