Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Every day we're shuffling...

M2, M3, and I have had a fun week together while M.G. has been on her Minnesota vacation.  M2 spends a lot of time playing with M.G. on a normal day and he spends quite a bit of time just hanging around waiting to see what M.G. wants to do next.  This week he's been calling the shots and he has been keeping me on my toes!

We've played with a lot of cars and blocks and went on a great bike ride/ stroller walk yesterday.  He wanted to build a surfing robot too.

Today we had a playdate with some of our Moms' club friends.  Most of the kids we know through that group are 3 or younger, so this was a nice chance for M2 to play with his friends without M.G. feeling like she was too old for the group.

He has been helping me out around the house - with the dishes, sweeping, and folding towels and diapers.

Lately M2 has been really enjoying LMAO's Party Rock Anthem.  We had a couple days last week where we'd hear him singing "Every day I'm shuffling." a lot!  And once he got it in to my head we'd be shuffling all day.

Here he is dancing with M3:

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