Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day, first grader!

M.G. was very excited to get back to school.  She's been counting down for a while. 

M2 wanted his own backpack for this next photo (he's making a "zero" with his hand to show he is not in school yet.)  Grandma and Grandpa B stayed with us over the weekend to help with our big landscaping plans and to see M.G. off on her first day.
It sounds like the first day went very well.  She's excited to have her own desk ("There is a special spot to set my eraser!") and enjoyed school lunch ("There is a salad bar this year!")  She was happy to see her classmates from last year on the playground. 

In kindergarten they held the parents' hands a lot with open houses and information sent home.  Now we're in the big league.  We dropped her off at the door having no contact with her teacher before the year started and she came out at the end of the day with no "back to school" information in her bag.  But, she did have a big smile and lots of exciting stories to share - so I think I'll be ok!

That afternoon the kids had a special back to school treat that M.G. had read about - ice cream and grape juice pops!  M2 was a little lonelier today, so I think he'll be excited to pick her up soon.

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