Thursday, September 08, 2011

M3: 15 months!

 M3 had her 15 month doctor visit today.  She's a healthy little girl and had fun with the nurse and doctor.  She even smiled through her DTaP booster!

Today M3 measured 31 inches tall (75%) and weighed 21 lbs (30%). 

These days M3 is a bundle of energy.  She's running, climbing, dancing, and playing.  She always wants to be in whatever we are doing.  She is trying to add more words, but is also very good at communicating getting what she wants with gestures and loud noises.

She can be a sweetie pie, with kisses and hugs, and moments later she is a banshee holding on to a toy or book with all of her strength.  She likes being given small tasks, like "Please put your shoes away."  When we were gathering the landscaping rock in the yard she helped.  She dropped a rock in the bucket and then would get right up in my face until I thanked her.  Then she'd grab another and be sure I noticed.

She really loves brushing her teeth and runs to the bathroom to be sure she is not forgotten.  Although, we don't have much luck helping her - she wants to do it!  It is the same at meal time - she is starting to enjoy more solid foods, but don't try feeding her unless she wants your help.

She always pats my back when I pick her up after nap time and gives me big smiles.  When she hears the garage door at the end of the day she runs to the stairs and calls for Papa until she sees him. 

M3 with the Sign with your Baby book!

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