Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September update!

Squash harvest!
September is flying by here and we're getting into a good school routine.  We spent a relaxed weekend at home with Grandma and Grandpa M visiting.

M.G. is enjoying school, although she is ready to sink her teeth in to the academics.  So far 1st grade is heavy on the review.
1st grader!

Grandma M brought M2 this cowboy sweater that her mom had made for Papa when he was young.  It's bright red with yellow fringe and M2 LOVES it! 

M3 is so full of excitement about all the new things she is learning to do.  She really wants to communicate with us.  She gets so happy when it is bath time!

Baths in the big tub now!
M.G. gets some time to play computer games after school.  It's really exciting for the other kids too. 

M3 is playing with M2's foot in that 2nd photo.  He's so tuned in to the computer that I doubt he even noticed!

Our letter "E" has been missing for a week or two.  Leave it to a first grader to solve the problem!

M.G. started dance class a few weeks go.  They work on ballet, tap, modern dance, and creative movement.  The studio is run by a dance professor from the college and I really like their philosophy.  It's less learning a routine and more focused on creating art through dance.

M2 is taking a weekly gymnastics class.  He's in the level where parents sit in the waiting area, instead of helping the kids with class.  It's really fun to see him listening to his teachers and trying everything out.
Sticking the landing!
We gave M3 a ball popper for her birthday in June.  It's a toy we had played with at a friend's house, years ago, and always wanted to have here.  The kids all enjoy it, but it is especially fun to watch M3 chase the balls, dance to the music, and play with the air coming from the fan.

September is good for us here!

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