Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visitors from the West!

 We were so happy to have Uncle Dave and Aunt Nissa visit us!  They arrived Tuesday afternoon and left this morning.  It was wonderful to catch up in person and the kids had a great time playing and reading.

Even Hank the dog came along. M.G. got to take him for a walk and M2 and M3 enjoyed playing with him a bit.

Grandma B came over yesterday and today she drove Dave and Nissa to meet up with Nissa's family.  They left just before lunch.  M2, M3, and I had a low key lunch and then got ready for nap time.

As I tucked M2 in to bed he said, "Do you remember when Uncle Dave was here playing with me?"

I said, "Yes, that was just this morning."

M2 said, "That Uncle Dave is sure a fun guy.  We were laughing and laughing at that big tree!"  (Dave and Nissa gave the kids a View Master with a Yosemite disk.)


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