Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adventure to MN!

Last weekend was a four-day weekend for M.G.  The kids and I took advantage of it and visited MN.  It was also the last few days Uncle Dave and Aunt Nissa would be there before they started back home to CA.

The kids are great travelers, but I had not tried driving all the way to MN without Papa since M3 was born!  I was a little worried about how the drive would go.

Friday morning we set out and stopped for lunch at this beautiful riverside park.  The kids played on the playground a few minutes, but it was really too windy for a comfortable picnic.

We improvised and ate in the car.  M3 was really excited about her armrest chair.
All three of them did very well in the car.  It was smooth sailing!

We played at the playground near Grandma and Grandpa B's house, ate supper at one of our favorite places, and played with lots of toys.

Saturday morning Grandma and Grandpa took us to the big farmers' market near their home.

Grandma did buy some nice produce.  The kids picked out bird whistles (that trill when filled with water) and we shared some mini-donuts.

Every summer needs at least 1 bag of MN mini-donuts!  Plus, we had read Homer Price over the summer and a chapter dealt with an out of control automated doughnut maker.  It was fun to show the kids how this doughnut maker worked.

We fit a lot of fun into a quick weekend visit and it was great to see Dave and Nissa another time.  Saturday night the kids stayed up a little late to watch the first part of The Music Man.  They were very excited about the musical numbers.

M3 grabbed the weather station from Grandma and Grandpa's room and did some computing with Nissa.

I was trying to decide who to take to church at the Basilica in the morning and talking with Grandma about it.

Two bits of backstory:
  • At the farmers' market I had pointed out the Basilica dome in the distance to M2.
  • We recently checked out Make Way for Ducklings and then looked at all the photos from our Boston trips.
Basilica of St Mary
M2 visiting Boston's State House in 2008

While I was talking about church, M2 came over to me and in a stage whisper said, "What was that dome building in Boston that I saw?"

Me: What?
M2 (still in a loud whisper): What was that dome building in the duck book?
Me: The Boston State House?

Then M2 walked over to Grandpa and said, in a dramatic voice, "The only big building with a dome that I would go to tomorrow is the Boston State House!"

Sunday we went to my Aunt Julie and Uncle Dan's house.  They have a big dog and a little dog and Hank visited too.  The kids were really excited about all of the dogs!  Snickers is a quiet dog and M.G. and M2 both enjoyed sitting to pet her.
We took off for home around 3 that afternoon.  I was a little concerned because the kids were pretty wild after lunch and it felt like herding cats to get them in to the car.  After a frustrating coffee and gas stop, things got much better once we got on the open road.  All three kids fell asleep in the car for about two hours and I enjoyed cruising across the Minnesota countryside.

They all woke up in time for a supper picnic and were in much better spirits for the rest of the ride.  We have a CD of cowboy music which fits nicely for long drives across the prairie.  We all sang along to Don't Fence me in.  For a while they pretended we were driving a covered wagon.  M2 needed a few extra potty breaks on this trip, so we were all happy to see Papa when we finally made it home!

For as much as the kids fight over toys and get frustrated with each other, it is so nice that they can pull together and be helpers when I need them too.  That and they really do enjoy each others' company a lot of the time.  Monday night M.G. was showing M2 and M3 a video she had taken of M3 playing the kazoo.

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