Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary House - Year 2

1st day of school, 2011
The end of October marks the end of the second year in our house.  This is the longest any of the kids have lived under one roof!

This summer the house really started to feel like something we owned, to me, instead of another place we were just living for a while.

 We finally purchased a new kitchen table.  We had used a hand me down set for years, but now felt settled enough to buy something to fit this house.

We had several large yard projects that made the space more useful to us.  Papa did a lot of digging and rock moving (with help from our parents!) and created two garden plots in our yard. 

In the spring we had a few trees removed and we spent the rest of the summer modifying those areas.  We moved a lot of rock away from where the trees were (again with lots of help!).  Then Papa moved some border stones and rock and we planted some new plants.

Rocks and border stones moved!

New plants to replace the giant tree!

 The grass seed Papa planted did really well this fall!

Another project I was glad Papa had time for was painting the entryway.  It was an peachy-pink color, but now is a warm brown and looks so much nicer!  Now every wall and ceiling has been painted (except for the laundry room, which still has exposed studs and drywall.)

Here's to a great year 3!

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David said...

I love the pumpkin with different shapes for eyes!