Monday, October 17, 2011

A little bit of ordinary

We've had an unusually busy month.  Hopefully "unusually busy".  I suspect we are creeping toward this being the new normal.  We've had weeks in a row where we have had extra to plan for.  Fun stuff like visitors and visiting, friends and family.  But also a variety of meetings, work events, and projects.  They are the sorts of weeks where I have to make detailed lists so that we squeeze every moment out of every day.  Yesterday I was surprised that October is already more than half over!  The busy holiday months are approaching. 

All of this made today, a plain old Monday morning, feel nice and regular.  We had planned to go to a playdate, but two cranky kiddos and a really tired Mama decided to just stay home.  This week looks a little slow (probably because I haven't looked at my calender much yet), so I did not have any major chores we needed to get to while the getting was good.  We read a lot of books, we decided on the spur of the moment to make cookies, we played with cars and sat in the sun.  The radio was on, we wore slippers.  The kids had lunch and got down for good solid naps.  It was rejuvenating! 

I took these photos of M3 last week.  She was just over 16 months, but in that outfit I think she looks so much older!  It was one of M.G.'s favorite shirts for over a year and a pair of M2's favorite pants.  Big girl!
I asked her to "smile for the camera!"

M.G.'s new winter gear looked big on her.  M2 thought he'd give it a try...

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