Friday, October 07, 2011

October, part 2

 We've had a busy, busy week.  Here are a few random photos from the slower moments.

The kids love digging around the yard.  Here is M2 and M3 "helping Papa by getting the garden ready for winter."

Dragon feeding time...

This was one of M2's most cozy outfits.  It looked really cute with M3's blue eyes, but we kept doing double takes because she looked so much like a younger M2!
M2 at 14 months
M3 at about 16 months.

The kids and I found a Fontanini Nativity set at a garage sale last week.  Grandma and Grandpa M have a Fontanini set and the kids really enjoy it.  The pieces are a hand painted resin - durable, yet intricate.  All 3 spent time playing with it before we packed it away until Christmas.  Here M3 was setting up each figure and then she'd sit back and look at it for a bit before moving them again.

Tonight M2 was having a time out.  M3 checked in on him and then sat down to keep him company.  M.G. joined them and sang a song about singing a song on time-out. 

Toddler with a kazoo...

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