Monday, October 03, 2011


Today will be a random stuff post... it has been a while!

* M.G. has started getting a little bit of big girl attitude, except she has kind of a bookworm attitude.  Last week she turned off her light while I was getting something out of her closet.  When I complained, she said (in her best put upon voice) "Mom, it isn't like you can't just use your rods!"  (From a website: "Rods can't tell the difference between colors, but they are super-sensitive, allowing us to see when it's very dark."

* M3 does some signs.   Lately she's been doing something with her arm, wrist, and hand.  It looks kind of like she is tipping an imaginary hat.  She does it a lot, but none of us have any idea what she is trying to say.  It doesn't remind me of any sign I have taught her.  She uses it when she is excited, when we are goofing around, and at other times.
* M3 has been making animal sounds lately.  Roaring and making a woofing sound are still her favorites, but she's added a few more as well.  

* M.G. is really quick with math computation.  She amazes us all the time with how quickly her brain calculates figures as a part of every day conversation, as opposed to someone asking her to solve a math problem.  At random times over the weekend she dropped into conversation that I would need 2.5 times more yarn then I expected and that it would cost a little under $23.  She also suggested we cut each quarter of a cake into 5 pieces to serve the 20 people at the party. 

* M2 has a set of Trio blocks.  I think Uncle Dave was giving him some building tips last week.  I sat down with M2 to build something today and he was doing surprisingly well at reading the patterns and counting blocks to decide where to place things.

* M3 likes to play with the library books I keep stacked next to the rocking chair.  She thinks it is really funny to pull out my bookmark and wave it at me.  She also likes to sit down and flip through the pages.  In the last week she has started a new nursing routine.  She gets my attention and makes it clear that she wants to nurse.  Then she runs over and grabs me a book or magazine and gives it to me while I'm picking her up. 

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