Sunday, November 20, 2011

First snow!

It snowed here on Saturday morning.  It was very nice that it happened on a weekend.  We took the kids to an open house at the campus horse barns, which had been set up as a petting zoo.  The older two also went on short horse rides.

We came home and watched the flakes continue to fall.  Very peaceful and cozy.

That afternoon everyone went out to play!

M3 spent a long time trying to walk in these boots on the day they arrived in the mail.  She'd fall over and over, but kept trying and each attempt added a step or two.  I'm glad she did because she was so excited to crunch out into the snow on her own!

Even with practice, M3 fell down a lot.  M.G. was happy to take her for a ride!
M2's first thought was to find a shovel and get to work!

M3 became cold and frustrated long before the other two.  She and I were out about half an hour, but Papa and the older kids stayed outside at least 90 minutes or more.  I looked out the kitchen window after a while and saw this...
M2 had started at the front door and shoveled down the front walk and sidewalk.  A pretty good attempt, considering he was working on his own!

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Lucky Cracker said...

I never thought I would say this, but I am jealous of that snow.