Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011!

We had so much Halloween fun this year!

M2, M3, and I went to a MOMS club party on Friday morning.  M2 was a cowboy this year.  He was very excited about his cowboy belt and the lasso we made. 
M3 was a little monkey!
Earlier in October M.G. entered a scary story contest at the library.  She was very motivated to write, type, and edit her story and get it dropped off at the library.  They called her last week to make sure she was going to the scary story reading party to accept her prize!  She won 2nd place in the K-1st grade division.  She was so proud of her trophy! 

Saturday morning we carved our pumpkins.  M3 was not excited about touching the pumpkin guts.

M.G. and M2 each drew a face on a pumpkin and supervised Papa's carving.  I carved M3's pumpkin.

Sunday afternoon the kids got all dressed up for the Family Fest at the Children's Museum. 
M.G.'s pumpkin has the rectangular mouth, M2's has eyes of different shapes, and M3's pumpkin is the one with big eyes.

M.G. picked out the pattern and fabric for her witch dress and I sewed it up for her.

Yee-ha!  M2 wore Papa's cowboy sweater.


The museum had games, face painting, free ice cream, and prizes.

Running around at the museum!

Monday evening Papa took the kids trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with some friends.  They all had a great time and even M3 seemed excited when they got home.


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