Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's only Tuesday!

Today M2 started packing his toy bag for our Thanksgiving trip.  Favorite part of Thanksgiving?  "When I see the Grandmas."

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M3 has entered a new phase where she walks around dumping things all over the place.  Shelves and bins that have been open to her all along are suddenly tempting her to pull stuff out to scatter.  It is the fun of spreading everything out that she likes, too.  She doesn't play with any of it.  She'll scatter a deck of cards and then open the Bananagrams.  Then she'll pull some books off the shelf and get out all of the musical instruments.  This morning I apprehended her pulling all the Duplo blocks out of M2's closet.  

It's interesting to watch their minds develop.  Something changed from last week to this and whatever it is likes disorder!

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David said...

Sometimes it's hard to think about things when they are in containers...when all the stuff is everywhere, one doesn't have to wonder about what's in the box...or she just likes throwing stuff around...I'd buy either:)