Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's time to light the lights...

We had a busy weekend filled with fun activities. 

Friday night we had a picnic in the living room while watching Elf.  Last year and this year both the kids were very excited about it.  It's a nice way to end the week and relax together.

Saturday morning we walked to our grocery store and picked out a Christmas tree!  We'd have preferred to go to a tree farm to cut our own tree, but this was an adventure that was nearly as fun (especially because we didn't need to fuss with strapping the tree to the car.)  Our tree was from a farm about 4 hours away, which is pretty close to local, considering the other alternative in town shipped trees from North Carolina.

That afternoon we did some deep cleaning and organizing in M.G.'s room.  I wouldn't normally mention it on the blog, but she was just having such a good time.  She has no fear when it comes to throwing things away and she likes to find a good place for everything in her room.  M2 wandered in after his nap and she said something along the lines of, "Look what we are doing!  Maybe Mama will let you organize your room too!  It is a lot of fun!"  Just like many enthusiastic organizers, she hit a wall at one point, but we managed to finish up.

Once everything was back in place I took the older kids to see The Muppets at the movie theater.  We are all big fans of the classic Muppets and this movie did not disappoint.  It was M2's first trip to the movie theater and it was fun to listen to him talking with M.G. before the lights dimmed about what to expect. 

He loved the musical numbers, but the plot was a little over his head.  M.G. enjoyed it quite a bit and caught many of the references to The Muppet Show.  Tonight she was laughing about Beeker singing in the barbershop quartet.  ("Hello", "Hello", "Hello", "Meee Mo")

This afternoon we brought the tree in and decorated it.  Papa put it in place during nap time and M3 was so excited when she came out.  She couldn't stop pointing, smiling, and trying to say "tree!"

 The older kids did a good job placing ornaments.  We hadn't tried a White Pine before.  It's soft and pretty, but difficult to find a sturdy branch.

So far they have been good about leaving it alone.  We'll see how M3 does as the days go by!

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