Monday, December 12, 2011

M2 is 4!

M2 turned 4 on Saturday!  Definitely a big guy now!

His excitement was contagious all weekend.  We gave him a new bike for this birthday.  After using his balance bike all summer he was ready for pedals!  We decided to skip the training wheels and see how he'd do.  Papa even ordered a kickstand, since M2 always commented on Papa's.  It was a great idea, M2 went on and on about that kickstand! 

Nearly ever gift was, "just what I've always wanted!"  He even said once, "I've always wanted one of these!  What is this?"  He opened gifts throughout the day, as guests arrived for his family party, and it was a good way to spread out his enjoyment of each gift.
He had a chance to try the bike out Saturday morning.  We don't have any ice or snow at this point and it was a mild weekend.   On his first attempt he giggled with joy the whole time.  He struggled to pedal and steer at the same time, but had a huge grin on his face.

He is still at an age where I feel like I can pass really great gift ideas along for things I know he'll love.  (And things I'll love too!  He and I have already spent quite a lot of time with this Trio set.)

We were so happy to have all the Grandparents and Joe's Godparents here for the weekend.  He really loves spending time with all of them.  He was excited for his birthday party to arrive for quite a while.  He requested a planet cake for his birthday.  (I couldn't resist adding Pluto on the far bottom left.)

After lunch he tried his new bike again and off he went!  Now he can zoom all over the place.

M2, at the age of four, is full of energy.  He can be very wild and rough, but he is also quite a sweetheart. He's starting to take more of an interest in books, writing, and coloring.  Up until recently, he was never one to pretend to write or read.  But, now he can write quite a few letters and is starting to retell stories from the illustrations.  

He loves to jump into conversations.  Today at his check-up the doctor mentioned that getting outside and playing or riding bike was better than screen time.  M2 could hardly wait to volunteer that he had a new bike and that he could ride it.  

He is still napping and still loves to wake up as early as possible. (6 is sleeping in for him.)   

He is at an age where he loves to help around the house with chores and cooking.  I was impressed at how delicate he was when we were making the Christmas cookies.

At his check-up today he weighed 35.5 lbs and was 39.5 inches tall.  He gained about 5 lbs and 3.5 inches this year!  He's a healthy, happy guy!

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