Saturday, December 17, 2011

M3 at 18 months

M3 had her 18 month well child visit on Thursday.  She's healthy!  She's only gained a pound in the last three months, bringing her up to 22lbs.  She's 32 inches tall.  We're supposed to focus on protein.  It was a fairly quick check-up, ending with her final Hep B vaccine and her first Prevnar.

These days M3 is a bundle of energy.  She likes to run around and chase the older kids.  She still loves to roar and is adding new words all the time.  For the most part you really need a lot of context to understand what she is talking about.  "teee!" is obviously "Christmas tree" when she is pointing at it and shouting.  She follows the conversation and tries to throw in what she can. 

She knows lots of her body parts and that is my favorite way to distract her when I need to carry her or keep her in one spot.  She's got a sense of humor already.  When I ask her to show me her hand she'll wave one.  Then she'll wait a moment and throw the other out with a flourish.  You can picture her saying, "Ah ha, there is one over here too!"

She loves to sing loudly and dance with her whole body.  She likes to sit and look at books.  She is very attached to Papa's old baby doll and sleeps with it.  She likes playing with small things like cars or other little toys.  She's not afraid to push and shove to get the others out of her way.  She likes to talk on the phone or video chat on the computer. 

She's really cut back on nursing.  At bedtime she'll nurse for a short bit and then sit up.  I put her in bed and she falls asleep on her own!  We're amazed at how easy her bedtime has become!

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