Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas 2011

Here is a mostly photo update of our Christmas celebrations this year.  

There was no snow here or in MN for Christmas this year, making our travel plans so much less stressful! 

We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa B a couple nights before Christmas, including Grandma's birthday on the 23rd.  M2 has such a way of wording things.  I think it was something like, "Grandma, do you think it would be nice to go to Moose & Sadie's for breakfast on your birthday?"  How could we say no to that idea?  He also wanted to go out for pizza to celebrate Grandma's birthday and to go with Grandma to the coffee shop on the corner to see its two robot statues.


It's so fun to watch the kids opening gifts.  We gave M3 a box of bath ducks mainly because it is so fun to hear her quacking.  M3 demanded to immediately try on any new clothes she was given.

M2 really wanted a watch for Christmas.  Grandma and Grandpa M found something great and he wore it proudly, showing it to nearly everyone we saw.

M.G. said she'd most like books for Christmas and we all obliged.  She came home with a huge stack and was very happy about it.

The older kids asked Santa for reading lamps, among other things, and M3 got her very own harmonica.

We spent time at Grandma and Grandpa M's too.  They had pulled out Papa's boxes of He-Man toys when they got out their Christmas decorations.  I had forgotten how much I had played with Uncle Dave's He-Man toys!  They brought back a lot of memories and kept the kids busy for a long time!

We had a busy schedule on this vacation.  Lots of gatherings and events!

The weather was beautiful for the whole trip.  We spent some time outside every day - walking, playing on the playground, and a trip to the zoo!

The polar bears were wild and full of energy.  They splashed and jumped in the water, playing with big plastic toys.  We watched them for quite a while! 

We enjoyed having a few days at home before school started up again.  At supper one evening we starting talking about all the fun we had on vacation - the polar bears and other zoo animals, playing bingo, seeing family, on and on - then Joe threw in that he had fun seeing the gorilla at Casa Bonita and we started reminiscing about all of our summer travels.  2011 was a year filled with adventures!

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