Friday, January 27, 2012

M3's world

M3 has been having a lot of fun with her brother and sister lately.  She wants to be doing what they do and always has an opinion on just what she thinks they should all be doing.

For the most part they are really good at including her. 

Here M2 was helping her get her doll dressed.

She likes to listen to them read stories too.

Lately they all have been taking care of their dolls together.  This was some sort of doll choir.

M.G. was taking photos of the younger two with her digital camera.  M2 and M3 came running out to me so that M2 could use my camera to take a photo of M3 with me. 

Even when the older two are busy with other things she is trying to copy them.  I caught her here trying to see what all the Lego excitement was about.  That is her "What, am I doing something wrong?" look.

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