Thursday, January 12, 2012

M.G. is 7!

M.G. is 7 years old and is such a great kid.  7!  Still can't say it without an exclamation point behind it.  I've been thinking a lot about our year in Iowa when M.G. was 18 months.  She was my little co-pilot on errands, helper at home, and just starting to talk.  With the younger two we can kind of see the path they'll take over the next few years, but with M.G. it has all been wild discovery.

We've reached a calm, easy bit of time with her too, as far as the ups and downs of parenting go.  She's becoming very independent and more easy-going.  Last weekend Papa and I decided to go to separate church services so that the sick younger two could stay home.  We had a conversation to see which one of us had the privilege of bringing M.G. with us!  (Which totally would not have been the conversation we had a few years ago!)

We celebrated her 7th birthday in Minnesota with a big lunch at Buca!

She's a girl of many interests.  She really wanted more books, some things for her American Girl doll, science/craft kits, and ballerina music box jewelry box because she loves dancing.  She was hoping for a bigger bike this year too.  She was just a little jealous of M2's new birthday bike (with kick stand) - I am glad we had one waiting for her.  It's purple, which was a hit. 

We just had snow yesterday here, until then I was feeling pretty guilty that her bike is still in MN, waiting for grandparents to bring it on the next visit.  Who would have guessed that a December birthday girl would need to be able to use her new bike in South Dakota?

Music box from Grandma and Grandpa M!
Can't wait to start reading Ivy and Bean from Grandma and Grandpa B!

She requested strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a ballet theme.  It's not her fault that her birthday is right in the middle of wild Christmas/New Year plans, but her cakes never get the attention I'd like to give them.  This year I printed out some clip art dancers to top the cupcakes.

All through December her front teeth were so loose.  It seemed like every morning she'd walk out to the kitchen and they would be sticking out in a new direction.  She put up with a lot of comments from everyone we saw over the holidays!  She claims to have wiggled them, but she was pretty cautious about it. Occasionally she'd let Papa wiggle them a little too.

Just like with her bottom teeth, a few times she asked if M3 was interested in seeing them.  M3, without a pause, jabbed her little finger into one of the teeth!  That was a surprise for M.G., but it helped loosen things up!  Every so often M.G. would give M3 a chance to do some dental work.

She lost the first top tooth on the 3rd and we really thought the other top tooth had some time before it came out.  Yesterday morning, on the way out the door, M.G. gave M3 a hug and they collided tooth to forehead.  It was a painful surprises for both of them and by bedtime that tooth was ready!

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