Sunday, January 15, 2012

Talk of the dinner table...

M2 is still a fan of the "Every day I'm shufflin'" song.  Papa plays it for him on the computer a few times a week.  Originally they just listened, but at some point they started watching parts of the video to see the wild dancing.  It's a fairly tame video, but there are parts we avoid.

Tonight at supper M2 was talking about it and M.G. said, "That is really not appropriate for kids to see or listen too."

The night before she had told Papa she was finished listening to the song at one point and when he kept it going she went to her room.  Turns out she was protesting.

We asked her to clarify.  She thought having people dancing on the tops of cars showed kids something dangerous and it made her want to dance on top of a car. 

M.G. doesn't have school tomorrow, Martin Luther King Jr. day.  M2 loves having her home from school, so he's been very excited this weekend. Earlier today he shouted "Tomorrow's Hanukkah! Wait, no I mean Martin Luther King Jr. day!"

Tonight at supper he was asking questions.  "Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?"  "What did he do?"  "Why does he have a special day?"

We gave him a little civil rights run down and MG threw in some facts she had learned last year.  It was quite a step beyond our normal supper conversation level.

Then he asked, "Do you think people make cakes for Martin Luther King Jr. day?" 

Me: "People could, I suppose."

M2: "Do you think we should make a cake tomorrow?"

Then he and M.G. tried to figure out the best dessert for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

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