Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's so much fun to see the kids playing nicely together.  I tend to peek in at them occasionally, but try to stay out of the way when they are doing so well on their own.  Here they were making robot movies and then watching them in double speed on M.G.'s camera.

M3 is in a hat phase.  She was wearing her cow baseball hat for a while, but last week grabbed this hat (which I had accidentally shrunk and then put in with the doll clothes) and she's been wearing it for big chunks of time.

She and M2 have been little buddies this week.  They'll run off and play together a bit more than they used to. 

M2 and I made Grandpa M noodles on Friday.  He was very excited to learn all about it.  His job was to turn the crank on the pasta machine.  He was happy to tell everyone we used the noodle-making machine to make noodles.  I thought he sounded very funny, but when I went to put the box back on the shelf I saw that it is indeed labeled a "noodle-making machine!"  (He didn't read it, he just was stating the obvious, I guess.) 

Everyone proclaimed the noodles yummy, so we'll have to start making them more than once every other year or so.
Last week he was asking me a lot of questions about the U.S. map that hangs in his room.  I don't know why he was so excited about it all of a sudden.  He'd ask me to show him where New York was, then he'd find where his Grandparents live in MN.  Then he'd say, "WHAT?? We drove that far to visit when we lived in New York?"

Then we'd repeat with other mind boggling geography facts. 

This morning M.G. and I went to the hair salon to get trims.  She enjoys going with me and feels older because they wash her hair and she sits and reads if she gets done before me.  Today the stylist asked if she could add some curls.  M.G. has been done with her pink princess phase for a while.  She never wants hair clips anymore and tends to get impatient if I do anything more than the basic brushing.

Her hair was all down in front of her face during the styling, so I wondered what she'd think of the curls.  I guessed that she'd say something polite, but vague, at the end, like, "nice."  I was so wrong.  The stylist turned the chair toward me and M.G. was grinning from ear to ear.  The other ladies at the salon were giving her lots of compliments and she was floating on a cloud. She was very excited to come home and see what Papa would say.

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David said...

M3 is wise. Hats are important. They make one feel complete. I would love to see some fast motion robot videos!