Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Papa and M.G. were in the middle of a discussion and Papa said something along the lines of "at least shoes are made from cows." 

M2 interrupted, "How do cows make shoes?" 

They didn't hear him at first, so he had to say it a few times.  So, by then he was saying, "Tell me how cows make shoes!  Do they have tools?"

Papa said, "Cows don't make shoes, shoes are made from cows.  We get leather from the skin of cows."

Joe, "Woah, cows shed their skin like snakes?"

The rest of us, "Um... no."

M.G. was able to think positively about how it is less wasteful to get meat and leather from cows.  But I think it might be easier to become vegan than to have too many conversations like this with M2!

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