Wednesday, February 22, 2012

school at home

M.G. has spelling tests this year.  She seems to enjoy the challenge and likes getting graded on something.  She's mastered the list of 100 first grade words and the list of 100 2nd grade words.  She's working on the 3rd grade list now.

In the beginning we had her practice her words every day, but it was clear very quickly that she didn't need that much help.  Now we try to give her a practice test on Monday and sometimes she has them down already.  If not we try to do another practice run on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday morning.  (The tests are on Wednesdays.)  She seems to do well just trying to write the word a few times and she'll hit upon the right order after a few tries.  (We came up with a game where she starts with 100 points and for every incorrect guess she loses 5 points.  She likes keeping those points!)

This week she had the word "through."  It was throwing her for a loop and she couldn't seem to remember the correct letters or their order.  I had her write it correctly a couple times and then she paused and just stared at it for a while.  Suddenly she said, "I know how to spell 'rough!'  I just need to add a 'th' to the beginning!"  Since then she had it down.

I have always struggled with spelling and weekly spelling practice was torture to me.  I find it really neat to watch her grab on to this and just get it.


Several times lately we have had moments with M2 where wonder if he's been secretly reading for a while.  Things that seem more than just a guess from context, although we know he isn't technically at the point where he is actually reading.

He's been on a color-by-number kick this week.  Normally I highlight the key with the correct colors so that he can easily see that "10 = blue" for example.  Yesterday he started highlighting his own pages!  He struggled a little with blue/black/brown, but by the end of the day he knew them.  What baffled me is when he said, "That one is violet(purple)!"  Someone must have read that to him at some point.  I think he is just remembering that the "v" color is violet(purple)... but it is starting him down that road to reading!

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