Monday, March 26, 2012


Last week the kids were talking about when M2 would start school and that usually leads to a conversation about how long we'll live here.  Then they each need to throw in their two cents about where we should move next.

M2 really wants to move back to New York, specifically NYC.  He wants to live with big buildings and a subway.

M.G. wants to stay here.  She likes her school and she likes that she can hear the birds.

M2 pointed out that there are birds in New York and that we'd get to see the Statue of Liberty whenever we wanted.

M.G. then pointed out the difference between having birds around and being able to hear them.  She also felt visiting the Statue of Liberty every few years was enough.

M2 countered with the idea that we'd be closer to our friends Walter and Ellie.

M.G. reminded him that we'd be much farther from the Grandparents.

He thought about that for a long time and decided maybe Minnesota would also be a good place to live.

M.G. also consented that Minnesota has a lot of nice qualities, but that she does like our house.

Then they got off track trying to decide who should share a bunk bed if we get one.  M2 wants to share with M3, so he can have the top bunk, and M.G. also wants to share with M3 - because they are both girls.  She's sure she'd get the top bunk regardless.  They decided to leave it up to M3.  When they asked who M3 wanted to share a bed with she shouted, "MAMA!!"

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Jo said...

Well, of course I'm biased by Joe's choice. We want you closer! (And I'm flattered that the kids left such an impression on him that they qualify as a reason to move back). I'm still keeping my fingers crossed ;)