Friday, March 30, 2012

First pets

M2 and M3 went to a birthday party Monday and came home with goldfish!  I was trying to sneak out before the fish were handed out, but a combination of the Mom not wanting to get stuck with extra fish and M2 figuring out that he was about to miss something means we got our first pets.

We found a bowl for them and the kids excitedly watched them most of the afternoon.  When M.G. came home she helped M2 think of names.  (Black Fin and Little Flapper.)

I thought about if I should go buy a real fish tank, but unfortunately when we woke up the next morning both fish had died!

I had warned M2 that goldfish don't live very long, so no one was too upset.

This morning M.G. was calling M3, "Coco."  I wonder if that will stick.

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Jo said...

Goldfish as favors?! I always joked about giving out guppies for MM party favors, maybe I should have followed through. Have you ever had sea monkeys before? They are a lot easier and smaller than goldfish, yet still cool & something the kids can help care for with the feedings. I had them several times as a child, again in college, and now W has some from his birthday. The only thing you really need is bottled water and to make sure they don't get to cold. I've seen kits at Wal-Mart for $5-6, and they still give the same bang for their buck as fish, only a lot easier.