Thursday, March 01, 2012


Kind of glad to be out of February and into March!  Feels like we watch more and more TV in February because it is cold and windy and the indoor time is long.

We had a bit of snow on Tuesday and a snow day yesterday.  We've had very little snow this winter and the kids were excited to play. 

Random M3 robot picture.  She really likes this little robot. 
She also likes acting like a robot.  At some point the kids were pretending to be robots and she joined in.  Now, out of the blue, she'll walk with stiff arms and say, "Robot, robot, snuggle!"  Then she gives me a big hug.  I'll have to try to catch a video of that.


M.G. lost another tooth!  The next two top teeth are in the way, but hadn't been very loose.  She is 100% ready to go have the dentist pull them, "It doesn't hurt because he uses Space Gas!"  I'm tempted to offer to split the cost of tooth pulling with her as an incentive for wiggling.

Last week she came home from school really excited because her carrots at lunch had loosened one up.  She really worked that tooth that evening and it came out.  It was a big change from how little she wanted to wiggle her other teeth.  She was seriously trying to get this one out!

M2 and I made another batch of pasta.  We tried a whole wheat recipe today without egg.  He has so much fun helping me mix and turning the noodle making machine's crank.   The machine has two rollers that you gradually bring closer together so that with each pass through the dough gets thinner.  He was in a hurry to get to the noodle cutting stage and said, "This would be twice as fast if you had two sets of rollers so that the bottom set could be closer together.  Then it would squish once and squish again for one time."

That's pretty insightful.  He didn't suggest we try to turn the crank faster or just skip down to the smallest roller setting first... he found a nice solution that would work if we had another set of rollers. 

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